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 October 15,2007

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PostSubject: October 15,2007   Sat Nov 24, 2007 3:58 pm

Introspection; encouraging one another

In this world, trust is something that is worth cherishing
No one can use money to buy it
There is also no one who could use temptation and violence to get it
It comes from one’s deepest part of the soul

In one’s life, those who can find someone who they can truly trust, or be really trusted
Those who met it or did it are extremely rare and precious
Please cherish this kind of affinity and chance, cherish the most important friends by your side

No one will be given up upon, similarly, unless you choose to give up first

In my life experience, I indeed had it more exciting and wonderful than some other people
Similarly, when there’s gain, there will also be losses, there’s no free lunch in this world

I often said it, one not necessary reap what he has sowed
But, if one will definitely have no harvest if he does not sow

Sow and cultivate well, anticipate the arrival of a good harvest

Examine and reflect on yourself; and encourage/motivate one another
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October 15,2007
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